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The organiser of the virtual Parlimen Digital session has urged police to contact them over the event instead of going after its participants."Some participants have been called into police stations for questioning without legal counsel, while some were invited out for casual discussion," it said."For any clarification and request for information, we urge the police to contact us, the organisers," said the group, adding that all information related to the debates are available online in the Parlimen Digital's website and social media channels.Following the conclusion of its second and final day of sitting today, the secretariat in a statement stressed that all 222 participants were selected based on their personal merit, without any political considerations."Parlimen Digital is a safe space for youths to debate pressing issues affecting youth and propose their ideas for a better Malaysia irrespective of their background."Prior to the sitting of Parlimen Digital, our participants have met with key political leaders, ministers, deputy ministers and elected representatives in both Parliament and state legislative assemblies," they further said.The Parlimen Digital secretariat also declared its success to convene youths who proved that the sitting can be carried out online, amid Covid-19 concerns which prompted the real Dewan Rakyat session to be cut short to one day.Today's session earlier focused on creating solutions for marginalised communities, including those in the B40 category, differently-abled persons, stateless communities, and other vulnerable sectors of society as educational institutions are unable to conduct normal lessons due to the pandemic.Other issues raised include equipping both students and teachers with the necessary resources such as access to an adequate and stable internet connection accompanied by the appropriate digital equipment to conduct online classes.Meanwhile, Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh said attempts by the police to contact the participants were uncalled for and an alleged act of intimidation of an otherwise peaceful initiative aimed at encouraging youth empowerment."It is disturbing that there exists such intolerance in this day and age and there can be no justification in striking fear in the organisers and participants of the programme."Particularly when it actually promotes intelligent discourse, unless of course, the intention of such investigations by the police is to stifle freedom of speech and valid criticism of the government which may occur as a result of the debates in the programme," he said.Parlimen Digital is organised by three youth-led politically independent organisations namely Challenger Malaysia, Undi18 and Liga Demokratik Malaysia.Malaysiakini is the official media partner.

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