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214 million Americans play video games for at least an hour a week and 75% have at least one gamer in their household, according to the Entertainment Software Association. The annual video game industry report found that 70% of kids under 18--51.1 million--and 64% of people 18 and older--163.3 million--play games.The report, based on survey data, also found that 65% of gamers play games with other people, primarily their in-person friends and significant others. A large portion of gamers over the age of 65 have been playing games for less than 10 years, 46% for men and 63% of women.The average age of a gamer is between 35-44 years old. 73% of gamers reported having a console and 43% having a handheld system.Other key information:79% of gamers say games provide relaxation and stress relief87% of male gamers ages 55-64 and 82% of female gamers ages 55-64 believe games provide mental stimulationThere are about 46 million gamers with disabilities61% play on a smartphone, 52% on a console, 49% on a person computer45% of ESRB rated games are E, with 14% E10+, 28% T, and 13% MMost popular genres are casual, action, and shooters40% of gamers have met someone through gaming they wouldn't have normally55% of parents play video games with their childrenThe ESA's 2019 report said that over 164 million Americans played video games, showing an increase in popularity for gaming as a whole. Video games also just had its highest first-quarter U.S. sales in the industry's history earlier this year.

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