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buy apple developer account :FX Is Going Digital For Its Comic-Con At Home Activations


One thing about Comic-Con people love is the atmosphere in the city of San Diego. At SDCC, outside of the show floor and panels, studios and networks have activations promoting up shows and movies. While there won't be a physical event this year, as Comic-Con is now at home, FX is revealing virtual experiences for fans.Between July 23 to July 26, fans will be able to experience elements of their favorite shows in a whole new way. FX will have digital activations based around What We Do in the Shadows, DAVE, Cake, and American Horror Story, and yes, you can still get branded swag for partaking in this at FXSDCC.com--and there's a countdown timer there right now to keep you informed of when the fun begins.American Horror Story fans will be able to test their knowledge of the series in a trivia experience, which also combines "escape room-like mechanics." Additionally, What We Do in the Shadows has an activation that will allow the user to protect Guillermo from werewolves. Those who get a high score in this single-player game will win an exclusive deck of playing cards."We will miss attending the traditional event this year, but the silver lining is that with FX Unlocked we can engage with fans from across the country," said Kenya Hardaway, senior vice president, integrated promotions-multi-platform marketing at FX Networks."We see this as an opportunity to forge an even stronger connection with our audience and make our shows part of this virtual celebration."Below, you'll find all the activations coming to Comic-Con@Home this week from FX.FX's digital activations:Test of Terror: In celebration of the nine seasons of American Horror Story, fans will dive into a unique gamified trivia experience. They will navigate their way through some fearful moments by testing their knowledge of the series and solving escape room-like mechanics.A Chat with Dave & GaTa: Fans of DAVE have been pulled in by the authentic humor that springs up between Dave Burd, known by his stage name Lil Dicky, and his real-life hype man, GaTa. In an exclusive Q&A, fans will be able to see Dave and GaTa break down some of the best moments from the series and the inspiration from their lived experiences.Guillermo's Stakeout: Fans will be able to help Guillermo protect Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson from the werewolves and vampires trying to kill them in this single-player interactive game. Players will wield Guillermo,

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