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apple developer account for sale :PUBG Season 8 Patch Notes: Overhauled Sanhok, New Loot Trucks Now Live


PUBG's Update 8.1 is now live on PC, and it heralds a lot of changes to the battlegrounds. Along with introducing Season 8 to the game--along with the expected new battle pass--the patch has brought along an entirely remastered version of the Sanhok map, featuring redesigned landmarks and new loot. Update 8.1 should be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in the near future, though it's already available on the console test servers.As the below patch notes detail, Sanhok has been rebalanced from the ground up, largely based on player feedback. For example, the flat expanse of the old Quarry has been replaced by a multi-level construction site with rope bridges and more cover from snipers. The Docks location has been replaced by a vacation spot christened Getaway, which has a boardwalk, a dance club, and many buildings to duck into. The new version of this map is almost completely unrecognizable, and players are going to have to adapt quickly if they want to claim a win.Perhaps the most intriguing addition in Update 8.1 is the concept of "loot trucks," heavily armored vehicles that drop loot when they take damage. Destroying a loot truck will spawn a large load of very valuable items, including a chance for pre-skinned exclusive items that come flush with attachments. Loot trucks only spawn in non-ranked matches, however.To accompany this latest patch, PUBG Corp released a video that provides hints as to the origins of the battle royale contests depicted in the game. The game's previous patch, Update 7.3, overhauled how vehicle health works, as well as giving players the ability to throw C4. Full patch notes below:Sanhok Remaster,

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