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apple developer:Coronavirus update: UN expects 14 million people in Arab nations will be forced into poverty


A UN report says Arab countries could have around 14 million people forced into poverty because of the coronavirus pandemic.(Reuters: Ahmed Jadallah)ShareFacebookTwitterArticle share optionsShare this onFacebookTwitterLinkedInSend this byEmailMessengerCopy linkWhatsAppPrint contentPrint with images and other mediaPrint text onlyPrintCancelMillions of people in Arab countries are expected to be forced into poverty as the pandemic shrinks the region's economy, according to the UN.The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has topped 15 million globally, with the US, Brazil and India all recording numbers in the millions.Meanwhile, the United States will pay nearly $2.7 billion to buy enough of a COVID-19 vaccine still under development to inoculate 50 million people if it proves to be safe and effectiveThis story was last updated at 6:30pm AEST on Thursday.Thursday's key moments:Chinese company says vaccine could be ready by the end of the yearBrazil's largest state tops 20,000 deathsOver 500 women at US federal prison tests positiveIran records 138 healthcare worker deathsTokyo Olympics will not be held if virus is as bad as it is nowUN expects 14 million people pushed into poverty in Arab nationsThe coronavirus pandemic is taking a heavy toll on Arab countries, causing an economic contraction of 5.7 per cent this year and pushing millions into poverty, a UN report said on Thursday.The UN's Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia expects some Arab economies to shrink by up to 13 per cent,

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