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apple developer enterprise account for rent:Tell Me Why Developer Releases Spoiler FAQ To Answer All Your Concerns


The next game from Dontnod, Tell Me Why, features a transgender protagonist in an indigenous community. That has raised questions about how they will be depicted, both in terms of representation and sensitivity. So the developer took an unconventional approach, releasing a FAQ addressing possible concerns complete with detailed spoilers where applicable.Most of the questions relate to Tyler, who is transgender. The questions address topics like whether anyone calls him by his deadname, to whether his mother was transphobic, to if he faces any direct transphobia. One question even addresses whether he can have a "bad" ending due to the branching paths. Another answers whether his transition is a result of the childhood trauma depicted in the trailers."No," the FAQ states. "The idea that being transgender is caused by trauma is a stereotype that has no basis in fact, and it plays no role in Tyler's story."A few questions similarly touch on Michael, a queer character. On the whole the answers are very direct and portray the game as largely optimistic, with spoilers explained for any possible triggers.The FAQ also addresses the way that indigenous cultures will be depicted. It says that Tlingit culture is a key aspect of the game's story, so it partnered with the Huna Heritage Foundation on aspects like the story, scenery, language and pronunciation, funerary rites, and Tlingit objects like murals.Tell Me Why was just given a new look during the Xbox Series X event. All three episodes are coming on August 27. Xbox Series X And Xbox One News Halo Infinite Is A Platform For The Next Ten Years Of Halo Halo Infinite Gameplay Debuts At Xbox Series X Stream Xbox Series X Event: Every Game Announced New Fable Announced During Xbox Event Xbox Series X: Release Date, Specs, Price, And Everything We Know

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