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apple developer:Israelu0027s u0022Bibi generationu0022 starts to turn on Netanyahu over economy and COVID-19


TEL AVIV - For two months, many Israeli television viewers watched nightly as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued warnings and updates about the novel coronavirus and imposed lockdowns. When infections fell, he went on television on May 26 to boast of his success. "Have a beer. Enjoy yourselves," he said. Many Israelis did just that. But infections later surged, and opinions polls showed confidence in Netanyahu was falling. He now faces nationwide protests over the state of the economy, hit by the coronavirus. Waving banners outside the prime minister's Jerusalem residence, the demonstrators are led by young people who scarcely remember any other leader -- Netanyahu has been prime minister since 2009 -- but want him to resign. "We are a generation who have lost complete faith in the system. People are fighting for their livelihood," said Costa Black, 30, who was arrested during the protests and lost his restaurant job because of the pandemic's impact on the economy. "Our leaders stopped serving us, they don,

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