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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into nearly every major event this year, and among the countless number of cancellations and delays is Amazon Prime Day, which, you may have noticed, didn't happen in July as usual this year. Don't fret just yet, however--Prime Day 2020 hasn't been canceled. The event has reportedly been delayed three times, and the latest report points to Prime Day happening this October.Despite happening later than usual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Day is sure to bring steep discounts on some of the best games for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Prime Day is also an excellent opportunity to snag consoles and PC hardware at a discount, and you'll also find sweet deals on gaming accessories, merch, Blu-rays, collectibles, and practically anything on your wishlist. Prime Day is known for having deals on par with Black Friday--and this year, the two events will be happening nearly back to back--so for gamers on a budget, October is sure to bring some of the best prices of the year.The key to snagging the deals you want on Amazon Prime Day is to go in prepared. To help you out, we've assembled a guide with everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2020, including when it might start, the best deals to expect, and more.Table of Contents [hide]What is Amazon Prime Day?When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?Will coronavirus affect Amazon Prime Day deals?How much is Amazon Prime?What are the best Prime Day deals to expect?Prime Day PS4 dealsPrime Day Xbox One dealsPrime Day Nintendo Switch dealsPrime Day VR dealsPrime Day game dealsBest tips for Amazon Prime DayWhat is Amazon Prime Day?Prime Day is a massive sale Amazon puts on each summer (usually in July) for Prime members. It all began in 2015, when Amazon had a sale to celebrate its 20th birthday. In the years since, Prime Day has grown into a shopping extravaganza in its own right, with deep discounts on all kinds of items across the whole store.When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?First Prime Day was delayed to August, and then September; now, it looks like Amazon has pushed Prime Day 2020 to October, according to Business Insider. Dates have not been publicly confirmed, but in an email to third-party sellers, Amazon indicated October 5 is now the "placeholder" day for the event, while a later email said this date change would be the final one. That's a Monday, and Prime Day has started on a Monday for the past three years, so the date makes sense. It's safe to assume the event will last at least another full 48 hours this year as well.Will coronavirus affect Amazon Prime Day deals?Aside from pushing the event back three months, coronavirus may also have an effect on the deals and availability of products this Prime Day. Amazon has been prioritizing essential household goods for several months now, so shortages on games, consoles, and more have been common, although we have seen an improvement in shipping speed and availability recently. However, The New York Times reported in February that Amazon is concerned it may not be able to meet demand during this year's Prime Day due to the shutdown of many factories in China. According to the Times, Amazon is taking measures to combat stock shortages, such as ordering greater amounts of products ahead of time and contacting third-party sellers to discuss stock availability for Prime Day. The delayed event date should also allow the retailer more time to acquire the goods it needs to host Prime Day.An Amazon spokesperson told the Times, "Out of an abundance of caution, we are working with suppliers to secure additional inventory to ensure we maintain our selection for customers ... We are monitoring developments related to the coronavirus and taking appropriate steps as needed."How much is Amazon Prime?The catch is that you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. The annual price of a Prime membership is $119 /,

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