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ios developer account:U.S. congressional primaries in five states feature polar political opposites


WASHINGTON - Kansas arch-conservative Kris Kobach and prominent Michigan progressive Rashida Tlaib - candidates from the outer edges of the Republican and Democratic parties - are on the ballot Tuesday when five U.S. states hold primary elections for Congress. The outcomes in Kansas, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri and Washington state will set the stage for Nov. 3 elections to the House of Representatives and Senate that will determine the balance of power in Washington. In a tumultuous year, the Kobach and Tlaib races will test whether each party will steer to the right or left, or stay closer to the political centre. Establishment Republicans are vexed by the Senate candidacy of Kobach, a well-known firebrand who advised President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign on immigration. He later served as vice chairman of Trump's short-lived voter fraud commission. Kansas has not had a Democratic senator since the 1930s. But some centrist Republicans fear Kobach, who failed to win the governor's race in 2018, could put the Senate seat in reach for Democrats. Expected Democratic nominee state Senator Barbara Bollier is a former Republican who is breaking fundraising records. The race is drawing in national Republican money the party will need as it fights to protect its 53-47 Senate majority. The Senate Leadership Fund, a political action committee aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, promoted Kobach's strongest opponent, Representative Roger Marshall, with a $1.2 million ad buy in the closing stretch of the campaign. Kobach said the Senate leader should "stay out of it", arguing that polling shows whoever wins the Republican primary will prevail in the general election. "Whenever a conservative is in the lead in a Republican Senate primary, McConnell jumps in to support the moderate opponent. McConnell wants a yes man in the Senate," Kobach said in a recent statement. ??? SQUAD REMATCH In Michigan, a member of the "Squad" - four female freshmen who have become the face of the House of Representatives,

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