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apple developer account for sale :Students struggling with industrial training placement amid Covid-19


CORONAVIRUS | Aside from workers who lamented the loss of jobs due to movement control order (MCO), many students are also facing trouble searching for industrial training opportunities before graduation.Some were completely ignored by prospective companies, while others accepted, but cancelled at the very last minute.Malaysiakini's observation found that among areas of study badly affected include those in the science and engineering fields.When contacted, a third-year Science Physics Industry student from University Teknologi Malaysia, who only wished to be known as Erma, said she was accepted for industrial training at a company at the end of last year.However, several months later, she received news that her intake was cancelled due to the MCO."In April, I received an email from the company saying that they have to reject me because of MCO."For now I am still applying to other companies, some rejected for the same reason, while the rest did not provide any reply," said Erma, who was initially scheduled to undergo industrial training from July 19 to October.She said from 52 students in her batch, there are 28 others who have yet to secure a training place for the same reason, despite an approaching deadline.However, Erma said she was also recently informed by the university's management that students who failed to secure a place will be allowed to register for a short-semester as the replacement.rrSimilarly, another science physics student from Johor, Siti (not her real name) said her approval to perform practical training at a company was also cancelled due to Covid-19."The company informed that intake for industrial training is limited to fourth-year students and the decision was made to reduce the number of staff and facilitate social distancing."This is highly disappointing and unacceptable because the company did not inform me earlier," she said, pointing out that the cancellation was only communicated in June, less than a month until the initial start date.Of her 170 classmates, Siti said many of them have yet to secure an industrial training placement, while she is awaiting confirmation from one company.Meanwhile, a third-year student from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, who wished to be known as Syafik, said he already confirmed placement with a company but his university administration had in mid-April moved to postpone all industrial training until the final year."When it was postponed, in the beginning, I felt like it was a hassle to repeat (the application process)"But when I think about it, when postponed to the final year, maybe (a trainee) can then be absorbed as full-time staff... so that's one good thing," said Syafiq whose ten-week practical training was initially scheduled from June until August this year.Industries most affected by Covid-19Universiti Putra Malaysia Aerospace Engineering Department senior lecturer Adi Azriff Basri, who is also an industrial training coordinator, admitted to problems voiced by the students.rrrrIn fact, he said, there were students from other faculties who gave up after repeated rejections from companies.So much so he said some of the students decided to perform their industrial training in the eighth semester, which is their final year.Although the alternative is allowed, he said the students will still have to compete with third-year students who will also be applying next year.As for 60 students under his charge, Azriff said they were fortunate he had played an active role to assist them by directly contacting industry players, although he was not spared from cancellations or a reduced number of allocated posts.In a situation where the aviation industry is among most affected by Covid-19 and the MCO, Azriff said he was grateful that 70 percent of his students have received an industrial training placement.As for industry players, the problem was unavoidable due to the strict SOPs, particularly on the need for social distancing.An engineer for an oil and gas company based in Kemaman, who wished to be known as Syafiq, said limited spaces are available due to a rotation system now in place for staff."Also to start work, we must perform Covid-19 screening. For students, how are they going to claim the screening cost?" he asked when contacted.At present, he said his company is only allowing students who started their training post-MCO to resume, while new intakes are frozen until a yet to be determined date.

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