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Tweet Facebook Mail A US woman and her paralysed husband have shared their first dance six years after a car accident cost him his capacity to stand, walk or talk. At their wedding in 2013, Lauren Jackson told husband Joel: "When you can walk, I want you to dance with me".Mr Jackson was internally decapitated when a 2009 car accident threw him "nearly half a football field", NBC News reports. The spinal injury is nearly always fatal but Mr Jackson, then 20, survived but lost the ability to talk or move. It was during his recovery that Mr Jackson rekindled his relationship with his now-wife Lauren, a former high school sweetheart who had married someone else. As Lauren was going through a divorce she began exchanging text messages with Mr Jackson. They began dating in 2012 and married in 2013. RelatedNSW koala sanctuary's touching tribute to US pilots killed saving it from devastating bushfiresFirefighter duo honoured after seven decades protecting homesIndigenous Australian man gets US diplomatic post"I told him, 'When you can talk, I want to renew our vows. And when you can walk, I want you to dance with me," Mrs Jackson wrote on her blog. That day came earlier this month, when with the help of a harness Mr Jackson was able to stand on his two feet. "I couldn't stop saying 'Goodness you are sooooo tall!'" she wrote. Mrs Jackson said she had always wondered what brides and grooms giggled and talked about during their first dances at their weddings. "Still to this day I find myself wondering what sweet words they are sharing in the that moment, but today, I got to relive that moment again with my groom," she said. "We shared our first dance again this time on our feet." His physical therapists say Mr Jackson is continuing to regain strength and body movement.

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