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buy apple account:Targeted lockdowns the only way to go for malls


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,Tough times for malls.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Retail Chain Association's (MRCA) newly launched food & beverage (F&B) division's head Datuk Seri Garry Chua said highly targeted lockdowns should be the way forward since malls had only contributed to about 2% of clusters and should not be closed just because it is an easy target.

"The government has to find a way on how we can live with Covid-19. I would believe lockdowns have to be very very targeted moving forward," Chua said on Wednesday.

"For example, in the malls: we have less than 2% in terms of clusters but it was targeted just because it is too obvious or prominent. This is something that is unwarranted and malls are not like the bazaars etc," he added.

Chua also highlighted that continued lockdowns until the end of the year would lead to a closure of 90% of the remainder of the F&B operators that have still managed to survive until now.

He noted that sales from delivery and take-away food items are not enough to supplement or replace entirely the revenues that were obtained from dine-ins before more so especially since delivery service platforms were charging exorbitant commissions.



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