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Digi's nation-building initiatives aim to help Malaysia gear up for a digital future, through efforts such as the Digi 5G Demonstration Project in Langkawi. (File pic dated May 8, 2021.)

PETALING JAYA: Allowing mobile network operators (MNOs) to roll out their own 5G core network would mean greater service differentiation and innovation for all players including Bhd. This would enable them to offer future advances services such as network slicing with full control over their customer’s journey.

Since all operators will have to rely on a single network for 5G connectivity, they need differentiation to protect their turf.

RHB Research believes the capital expenditure (capex) to develop its own 5G core standalone network is manageable as Digi’s existing core network already supports 5G non-standalone with a software enhancement likely required.

The research house said that following feedback received during the public consultation on the access list review, the industry regulator has decided to grant the option for MNOs to roll out their own 5GC network.

It said this is a departure from the preliminary position that the development of a 5G core standalone network is to be undertaken exclusively by Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB).

However, yesterday the government said it will review the single network structure in January. That could change the dynamics of the industry.

The research house said while Digi’s base management activities have managed to stem the pressure on prepaid average revenue per user (Arpu), sluggish prepaid market and unrelenting competition will continue to crimp its mobile revenue share.

In its view, a 5G core standalone network would allow Digi to differentiate its services in the longer-term with manageable capex.

Re-rating catalysts for the stock are positive merger developments and higher than expected merger synergies.

Digi is planning a merger with Celcom Axiata Bhd that will create the biggest mobile player in the country. It is awaiting approvals from the relevant authorities on this.

According to RHB Research, it does not foresee a dissenting opinion as the overarching objectives of the merger are supportive of the regulator’s views on healthy and sustainable competition in the longer-term.



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