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「亚马逊云」账(号)( brewing in SMTrack


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SMTrack Bhd has never been profitable on a full-year basis since it debuted on Bursa Malaysia more than a decade ago.

The company has stayed under the radar for quite some time, but recent developments including the emergence of a property tycoon as a substantial shareholder and the possibility of a government-linked company (GLC) taking up equity in SMTrack have piqued investor interest.

For now, it remains to be seen whether these will lead the radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions provider to better earnings in the future.

Nevertheless, ahead of these developments, the stock has woken up from a long slumber, skyrocketing by over 260% from just eight sen at the start of December 2021 to 29.5 sen.

The daily trading volume has also surged to a multi-year high in the past two weeks.

On Jan 6, the company told the stock exchange that it is in early stages of negotiations with a GLC and that no agreement has been reached yet.

The filing did not reveal the nature of the discussions, but SMTrack was responding to an article which claimed that the company could see a GLC taking a 10% stake in the former.

The article also said that the GLC’s interest was expressed in a letter which was addressed to SMTrack after a meeting between the representatives of the two parties.

The said article also mentioned a rumour that a prominent “Datuk Seri” would become another substantial shareholder of SMTrack.

However, SMTrack told the stock exchange that it is “not aware or been notified” about this.

Interestingly, just a few days earlier, billionaire Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew emerged as a substantial shareholder in SMTrack with a 5.05% direct stake.

He is the founder of The Mines Resort and Country Heights Holdings Bhd, which has interests in property development, health, hospitality and education.

In September 2020, Lee announced that he was stepping down from Country Heights to pursue his interest in cryptocurrencies.

Several months later, Lee established a blockchain-based investment bank called Golden Horse Investment Bank, reportedly to ride on China’s economic trend.

When contacted by StarBizWeek, Lee says that his entry into SMTrack is only for “passive investment” and that he will not take up an active role in the board of directors.

Interestingly, however, he hints about a potential collaboration between SMTrack and his existing businesses.

“I like it (SMTrack) for its technology focus.

“I took up the stake so that hopefully, the board will pay attention to me and what I do,” he says.

Lee declines to comment when asked whether he would raise his stake in SMTrack from 5% currently.


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