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ios developer account:Chinese YouTuber earns Guinness World Record for rural lifestyle channel


Li has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. — Screengrab from YouTube Internet sensation Li Ziqi has earned a Guinness World Record for Most Subscribers for a Chinese-Language Channel on YouTube, according to a report by South China Morning Post (SCMP). The Guinness World Records made the announcement through Weibo on Tuesday (Feb 2), saying that Li received the record after hitting 14.1 million subscribers last month. Guinness World Records added that Li’s videos, which showcased an idyllic lifestyle set in rural China, has resonated with millions of viewers from around the world. A picture of Li sitting with her Guinness World Record plaque is also included in the post. Li, 30, often posts videos of her life in rural Sichuan province in China where she would harvest produce and show viewers how she cooks meals, prepares ingredients like soy sauce or makes her own furniture with bamboo, among other things. Her grandmother can often be seen accompanying her throughout the process. Her most popular video thus far, where she showed viewers how she makes Spring Festival snacks with produce such as peanuts, apples and mangoes using a traditional wood fire stove, has racked up 82 million views. To date, she has amassed more than two billion views on her YouTube channel. SCMP stated that Li also has more than five million fans following her online shop on e-commerce platform Taobao. Li rarely speaks to viewers in her videos. To date, she has only posted one video to address her viewers regarding questions about her nationality. As her content have also been reposted by other users on various social media platforms without her permission, she made a declaration on YouTube in 2019 that she only has one official video channel and that her nationality is Chinese. She felt inclined to declare and verify her nationality as she claimed others who stole her videos would pretend to be her and change her identity. However, not everyone is a fan. In January, Li posted a video showing how she prepared a fermented vegetable dish which netizens in South Korea believe is similar to kimchi. As Li included the hashtag #ChineseFood in the video description, netizens accused her of misrepresenting the traditional Korean dish.

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