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apple developer account:The disingenuity of Malaysiau2019s political cooperation


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,If political coalitions are formed without common ground solely for the winning of elections, then a repeat of Pakatan's tumultuous time in government is inevitable. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 21, 2021. THE prevalence of superhero movies these years, which culminates in superheroes teaming up to form an alliance, had an effect of popularising the idea of different heroes with vastly different abilities, backgrounds, ideologies and even ambitions to unite for a common good or against a greater evil that a single hero is unable to vanquish.This perhaps explains why movies such as Avengers or Justice League are box office guarantees. Viewers are inadvertently stirred with all kinds of emotions when they are treated to the scene where earth’s mightiest heroes came together despite their vastly different personalities to defeat the galactic tyrant Thanos.


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